Children, toys, recalls and actions if the child is injured

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The Christmas toy-giving extravaganza that occurs in many homes has recently ended. Now parents have the duty to make sure that their children are using toys in a safe manner. While they are still on the market, there are some toys that are largely unsafe for children. One of these is the wildly popular toy magnetic building block.

Magnetic building blocks aren’t unsafe for all children, so it is important to be sure that your child is ready to play with these toys if he or she was given them as a gift. The issue with magnetic building blocks and many toys with magnets comes when the child still puts things into his or her mouth.

Magnetic building blocks and other toys with magnets can be swallowed. These can cause problems in the child’s intestinal tract. In the most serious cases, the child who swallows the magnet can die.

In the past, there have been recalls on toys like Buckyballs and Magnetix toys. Parents who have these toys that have been recalled can take the actions noted in the recalls. Under no circumstances should a parent let a child play with a toy that has been recalled if the toy and the child meet the specifications listed in the recall.

There are some cases in which toys have been recalled strictly based on the suggested age of the toy. For example, one toy was listed as appropriate for 13 year olds, but it was determined that the age should have been 14.

If your child is injured by any toy that was being used in the intended manner, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries and effects. Knowing how to determine what actions you should take can help you make a decision about how to handle the situation.

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