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What Past Clients Say About Walborsky, Bradley & Fleming, PLLC

I am very pleased with Mr Fleming and Company. I am especially pleased with the attention they all gave the Covid-19 protocol. I was kept well informed of my case throughout and am overall pleased with the outcome.

John C Gzapleski, 3/12/2021

From point of contact, I have been very pleased with John Carr and Rolina Bean. They were very attentive and kept me well informed of the process. I appreciate their multiple content on the proceedings of my case. I would very highly recommend them to anyone.

Cecil Stickland, 2/17/2021

Very professional and kind, was treated like a person and not a paycheck. Would highly recommend Ed & his team. Wonderful experience. Kim was very prompt and informative, kept me updated on the progress of the case. Hopefully I don’t need his services, but if I do I will be calling Ed first! Thank you Ed & Kim!!!”

Emily C, 1/13/2021

The dedication, tenacity and hard work towards my case was one I will never forget. I wholeheartedly appreciate all the time it took to resolve this matter. I appreciate your understanding and guidance, and for always respecting me as a person with a disability. I would beyond a shadow of a doubt recommend you if someone should ever find themselves in need.

Ashlie Jones, 9/2/2020

I have used Mr. Walborsky for two cases, and him and Hill have been fantastic. They always have kept me updated with both my cases. I could have not have chose any better law firm! Very understanding and communicates well so I may understand in layman’s term! They got me what I wanted for the two accidents. Thank you so so much!!

Julia Chavez, 8/17/2020

John Carr & Rolina Bean were very thorough & effecient. They were also kind. Rolina kept me very informed throughout the entire process. I was very happy with the outcome. They are the best !

Grady Giffith, 8/4/2020

Audry did a Fantastic job! They were very direct and responsive in keeping me up to date with everything going on. I was very happy with how they handled my case. I would highly recommend Walborsky, Bradley & Fleming.

Alex Wilson, 7/24/2020

To Mr. Walborsky and team, I want to take the time to thank you for working and fighting for me through this time of hardship. I do greatly appreciate you; for your valuable time and insignt and hard work. This would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication. I will highly recommend your firm.

Thank You:
Ms. Hubbard, 7/21/2020

Wonderful group. Made an already Hard situation much easier. Will always keep them in mind if need legal help.

Nicholas Pewitt comdv, 7/17/2020

I had a very good experience. Easily done and very well satisfied.

David Ballasso, 6/26/2020

Mr Fleming was very informative and always kind & forward. I would recommend anyone to see him after the experience we had with him.

Thomas Odom, 6/24/2020

I was nervous about meeting you the first-time but after I met you I relaxed I felt that you are a wonderful person and now I love you. To have someone as important as you like me and work so hard for me is such an Honor.

D. P.

Dear Mr. Walborsky,
We wanted to extend a thanks to you for having such a professional and caring partner in Robert Fleming. He and his support staff exceeded our expectations in taking care of our legal needs and supporting us during this past difficult and stressful 9 months since the accident. We would not hesitate to recommend your firm and Mr. Fleming to anyone in need of legal help.With much gratitude,
David & Rhonda

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my overwhelming gratitude for how you advocated for me during my case. I have never witnessed such dedication and commitment to help a person as I saw in the work put forth on my behalf. I tell everyone that if you need a “fighter”, someone that stands up for his client, no matter what the circumstances, then Ed Walborsky is the ONLY person to consider. I have so much respect for you Ed and will call upon you if ever there is a battle that needs won. Thank you again! DW.”

“Dear Mr. Bradley,
I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did in representing me. Your entire office staff was so professional, friendly and efficient. Your Paralegal, Pam Smith, kept me informed regularly on the status of my claim; I was never left feeling “what is happening”. At the conclusion of my claim I felt that I had made friends. I would highly recommend you and your office to family and friends in need of legal representation. Thank you again!”
“Dear Brent and Delyne:

Just because you don’t hear from us every few days (for which you are likely relieved) and inasmuch as you are spared another of Peter’s epistles, doesn’t mean we don’t think about you-all very often and very fondly. Brent, we know that you must be very busy helping others as loyally as you helped us – and we trust that Delyne has survived the agonies of the move and this letter should not be construed, in any way, was criticizing why we don’t hear from you so much. We know why – and how busy you must be and only hope that others appreciate all you do and have done for them as much as we do. We definitely do not want (and in actual fact are not seeking) to hear from you – in case it is bad news about subrogation or something like that!! Brent we just pray that your wonderful trial success record continues to grow longer, and Delyne we pray that your new home is all that you wanted it to be and that your son appreciate it. I guess that I became so used to speaking to “my friends” in Pensacola that you will just have to forgive me for occasionally wanting to say hello again. So please bear with long-winder Peter if he drops you both a line infrequently – you hope! Knowing you both was one of the joys of the last year years for both Betty and me. Thank you. Peter and Betty”

“Pam, Thank YOU very much for your GREAT support in updating and explaining the various steps to me. Tomorrow, I will have this Medicare (Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor), Cover Letter and Enclosure of 23 Sep. 2009 (total 3 pages) faxed to you – and I am so glad you are so experience and – together with the dynamic Counselor – I certainly will and can await the final phase, no problem at all. I know I am in your good hands.

In the meantime I enjoy all my ‘Blessings’ (that I survived, that I am in good spirit, that I can walk and talk, and that I – and you in Pensacola – enjoy – without a Hurricane in sight – the change of colors of the leaves – motivation for a new in- and outside decorations of your Office and House.

Pam, once the hard work with my Case comes to an End and you see light at the End of the Tunnel – send me the good news in a final Email or Letter.

I honestly can say – and I mentioned it to friends here – and as well to friends across the Atlantic, in Germany – that MY outstanding experience with your very well known Law Firm – has proven to be true, and this Support goes back to Counselor Bradley’s solid and very professional skills as well as to your very well prepared and supporting work and tactful but encouraging way to communicate with clients like me. Pam, keep up your good mood, Take good care and best regards to Counselor Bradley Carin”

“Mr. Bradley, There’s no way to thank you enough for all you have done for my girl. We are very grateful for everything. God Bless You. Charlene”

“Dear Mr. Bradley & Ms. Hightower,

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you committed to in gaining resolution to my case. Though I remain in a level of discomfort, I am getting better and better each day. You’ve done a lot to help me get there. I’ve gone from victim to victor and I am in very happy and high spirits. Blessings to you and continued success with the law firm and your personal lives.

Yours truly, Derrick

“Mr. Bradley,

Please enjoy these Ethel M. chocolates as a token of my appreciation for your support and expert service. It was indeed a pleasure working with you and I truly appreciate all you did on my behalf. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Jane”

What a joy you are to work with! I so appreciate all you did — your expert service, your bubbly personality and your positive can-do attitude. You made this experience so much easier for us and we are forever grateful. Please come visit us at the cabin if you can get away. We would love to have you. Thanks for all you did. Sincerely, Jane”

“Dear Mr. Bradley,

I hope this finds you doing well. I wanted to just send a note of thanks. I appreciate all of your effort and hard work on my behalf. I was originally going to send this note to thank you for reducing your fee and all of your work and attention to this case. Then I got your message today regarding the Blue Cross situation so I’m feeling extremely grateful! I also wanted to thank you for your understanding & patience at our meeting. It was an emotional day & I hadn’t anticipated that! Thanks again for everything. Jenn”

Hello Mr. Walborsky,

FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for your persistence and patience. I will look forward to hearing the details later on. Let me know if you need me to do anything prior to the settlement papers being signed. I appreciate your diligence and concern in the matter. Some lawyers might look at it as just a “job”, but it seems that you have a genuine concern for your clients. I really appreciate that! thank you, Lance”

“Hi Ms. Delyne,

Thanks, I will pick them up on Friday. I want to thank you and Mr. Bradley again for such wonderful job done on my case. I do not think I would have been able to cope with what I was going through if it had not been for the both of you and the office on West 15th Street. Having a listening ear did help me a lot. Have a good year and my thoughts are always thinking about you and M. Bradley. Linda”

Panama City, 4/13/2009

Dear Brent,
I want to thank you for all you have done for us: the work, effort and your kindness.
God Bless
Norma and Toney Hunt

Your thoughtfulness has a way
of touching lives…
of making days a little brighter.
hearts a little happier,
and problems seem
a whole lot smaller.
It’s people like you who
make the difference in this world.We’ll never forget you!
Gerald and Faye Beasley