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After deadly crash, driver's mother disagrees with prosecutor

A tragic crash happened in Florida in which a car got rear-ended and flipped, killing the driver. That woman was the mother of two children and she was riding with her husband. He survived the crash.

The woman who was driving the rear car got arrested. According to reports, her blood alcohol concentration was at least twice as high as the 0.08 legal limit allowed by Florida law; in short, she was allegedly intoxicated on her way home from work when she caused the crash.

Woman gets into 2 minor crashes, runs, causes fatal crash

A woman in Florida allegedly caused two minor traffic accidents. Rather than stopping to exchange insurance information with those drivers, she attempted to run from the scene. That's when she apparently caused a fatal car accident.

The woman, who is 28 years old, is now facing charges for vehicular homicide, per reports.

For some medical professionals, alcohol abuse is a problem

Doctors have a high-stress work environment. They have a lot of pressure on them every day. Like workers in other professions, they sometimes turn to alcohol as a way to cope with that. Others may just drink socially.

Most medical professionals know how to handle alcohol, and they do not drink too much. According to one study, that's true for about 90% of doctors. They stop drinking if they reach their limit or they think it's becoming an issue.

Dump truck hits motorcycle and car, killing 2

A dump truck in Florida was involved in a multi-vehicle wreck that left two people dead. One of the other vehicles was a motorcycle.

Per reports from the Florida Highway Patrol, the dump truck was out on U.S. 192, heading west. Behind the wheel was a 50-year-old man from Miami. He allegedly "failed to stop as he approached traffic." The truck then went up over the median and entered the eastbound lanes in the wrong direction.

Car accident leads to deadly fire

An early-morning car accident in Florida turned tragic when five people lost their lives in the resulting blaze.

According to reports, the incident took place on Saturday, August 31. The calls to the police came in around 4:30 a.m. Emergency crews quickly rushed to the scene, where they found that two vehicles had collided.

Theme park injuries happen more than you think

A late-summer trip to the theme park may seem like just the way to extend the fun of the season, and maybe you are already planning a trip for you and your children. While it can be fun and exciting, with millions of people hitting up parks all over the country every year, you should know that injuries are far more common than people think.

The good news is that these theme park accidents are not typically fatal. That's not to say they cannot be; people have lost their lives on water slides and other attractions. But the total loss of life is very small from year to year.

Accident puts 2 in critical condition

You never really think about just how fast life can change until you see a car accident. Life-changing injuries can happen in mere seconds, and people may never be the same again.

A recent story out of North Port, Florida, illustrates just how fast this can happen. Two men were riding together in a 1999 Ford. They were heading south on I-75. The driver was 32 years old, while his passenger was 27 years old.

Paralyzed veteran cyclist killed in car accident in Orlando

A man in Orlando, a veteran with the Marine Corps, was partially paralyzed in a car accident when he was ejected from his vehicle. His injuries left him unable to use his left side properly.

To help with his recovery, he had a special bicycle made with two wheels on the back. He could ride it despite his condition, and he did so often. He talked about just how helpful it was during his recovery, both from a mental and physical standpoint.

These tips can keep you and your kids safe by the pool

Pool-related injuries are common during the summer in Florida. With the high temperatures and easy access to pools -- at home, at the neighbors, at the park, etc -- it seems like many people spend most of the summer months searching for a way to cool off.

This lifestyle can be fun for both adults and children. However, it also comes with risks. This type of exposure to an activity that can be fatal increases the odds that someone will at least end up in the hospital. To prevent that, use these pool safety tips:

  • Actively teach kids to swim before going to public pools.
  • Even if kids know how to swim, make sure an adult is watching them at all times.
  • Teach kids about common hazards to avoid, such as pool drains.
  • Make sure that a home pool has the proper safety equipment, which could include a fence, a gate, drain covers, lights, cameras and an alarm system.
  • Learn about life-saving tactics, like CPR, in advance. In a best-case scenario, you never have to use it, but at least you'll know it if you do.
  • Understand the differences in CPR for children and adults.
  • Talk to kids about general safety: No running, no pushing, no fighting, no horseplay and no dangerous challenges.

Why do dogs react so aggressively when someone comes to the door?

As you have probably noticed on more than one occasion, some dogs react aggressively when a stranger (at least a stranger to them) shows up at the door. Maybe it happens when they ring the doorbell or knock, or perhaps the dog barks and runs around as soon as they start coming up the driveway.

There are a few reasons that dogs do this, including:

  • They want their owner to know the person has arrived.
  • They were surprised by the visitor's arrival.
  • They feel like they have to protect their territory.
  • They are afraid of the new person who has arrived.
  • They are excited that something new is about to happen.
  • They have figured out that a person approaching or ringing the doorbell means that the door will soon open.
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