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Car accident leads to deadly fire

An early-morning car accident in Florida turned tragic when five people lost their lives in the resulting blaze.

According to reports, the incident took place on Saturday, August 31. The calls to the police came in around 4:30 a.m. Emergency crews quickly rushed to the scene, where they found that two vehicles had collided.

Theme park injuries happen more than you think

A late-summer trip to the theme park may seem like just the way to extend the fun of the season, and maybe you are already planning a trip for you and your children. While it can be fun and exciting, with millions of people hitting up parks all over the country every year, you should know that injuries are far more common than people think.

The good news is that these theme park accidents are not typically fatal. That's not to say they cannot be; people have lost their lives on water slides and other attractions. But the total loss of life is very small from year to year.

Accident puts 2 in critical condition

You never really think about just how fast life can change until you see a car accident. Life-changing injuries can happen in mere seconds, and people may never be the same again.

A recent story out of North Port, Florida, illustrates just how fast this can happen. Two men were riding together in a 1999 Ford. They were heading south on I-75. The driver was 32 years old, while his passenger was 27 years old.

Paralyzed veteran cyclist killed in car accident in Orlando

A man in Orlando, a veteran with the Marine Corps, was partially paralyzed in a car accident when he was ejected from his vehicle. His injuries left him unable to use his left side properly.

To help with his recovery, he had a special bicycle made with two wheels on the back. He could ride it despite his condition, and he did so often. He talked about just how helpful it was during his recovery, both from a mental and physical standpoint.

These tips can keep you and your kids safe by the pool

Pool-related injuries are common during the summer in Florida. With the high temperatures and easy access to pools -- at home, at the neighbors, at the park, etc -- it seems like many people spend most of the summer months searching for a way to cool off.

This lifestyle can be fun for both adults and children. However, it also comes with risks. This type of exposure to an activity that can be fatal increases the odds that someone will at least end up in the hospital. To prevent that, use these pool safety tips:

  • Actively teach kids to swim before going to public pools.
  • Even if kids know how to swim, make sure an adult is watching them at all times.
  • Teach kids about common hazards to avoid, such as pool drains.
  • Make sure that a home pool has the proper safety equipment, which could include a fence, a gate, drain covers, lights, cameras and an alarm system.
  • Learn about life-saving tactics, like CPR, in advance. In a best-case scenario, you never have to use it, but at least you'll know it if you do.
  • Understand the differences in CPR for children and adults.
  • Talk to kids about general safety: No running, no pushing, no fighting, no horseplay and no dangerous challenges.

Why do dogs react so aggressively when someone comes to the door?

As you have probably noticed on more than one occasion, some dogs react aggressively when a stranger (at least a stranger to them) shows up at the door. Maybe it happens when they ring the doorbell or knock, or perhaps the dog barks and runs around as soon as they start coming up the driveway.

There are a few reasons that dogs do this, including:

  • They want their owner to know the person has arrived.
  • They were surprised by the visitor's arrival.
  • They feel like they have to protect their territory.
  • They are afraid of the new person who has arrived.
  • They are excited that something new is about to happen.
  • They have figured out that a person approaching or ringing the doorbell means that the door will soon open.

Young woman hit by drunk driver, paralyzed from the neck down

A young woman in Florida always wanted to work as a cast member at Disney World. She finally got her dream when she landed an internship.

Just a month later, though, that dream ended when she was hit by a drunk driver. Reports claim that she was in a car with a friend, and they had completely stopped moving. Unfortunately, the drunk driver behind them did not stop in time and rear-ended their vehicle.

Where does Florida rank for drunk driving?

When you read drunk driving statistics, you often see national statistics and trends. While these can be very telling when you're just trying to get the big picture overall, they don't necessarily tell you what types of risks you face. Does the number of drunk drivers in California make a difference to you in Florida? What about the number in Montana or New York or Hawaii?

The answer is clear: You want to know where Florida ranks. That's what impacts your life the most. That's what changes your personal risk level every time you get on the road.

Can an epidural have a negative impact?

If you're in labor, an epidural may feel like a miracle. It can drastically reduce the pain of your contractions and may even allow you to get some sleep at a time when your body really needs it. Modern medicine has certainly come a long way over the years.

But are there any negative impacts you need to watch out for? There certainly can be.

The top reasons for car accidents

In theory, car accidents should never happen. It sounds unbelievable, considering the fact that tens of thousands of people die in accidents every year and many more get injured, but it's true. If everyone followed the rules of the road and everything else -- cars, road designs, etc -- worked perfectly, people would never crash. All of those deaths are preventable.

So, why do they keep happening in such high numbers? Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • Human error: People just make mistakes. In a car, that's deadly.
  • Drunk driving: Impaired drivers can't always control their vehicles.
  • Distracted drivers: A driver who is texting isn't looking at the road.
  • Getting lost: People make unexpected turns and drive erratically when they don't know where they are.
  • Weather conditions: Wind, rain, fog, snow and ice can all cause crashes.
  • Medical issues: A driver who has a heart attack behind the wheel may lose control of the car completely.
  • Mechanical issues: A defective car can make a safe driver crash.
  • Road design defects: For instance, a road with a missing stop sign or a broken stop light could cause accidents until it gets fixed.
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