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Why do dogs react so aggressively when someone comes to the door?

As you have probably noticed on more than one occasion, some dogs react aggressively when a stranger (at least a stranger to them) shows up at the door. Maybe it happens when they ring the doorbell or knock, or perhaps the dog barks and runs around as soon as they start coming up the driveway.

There are a few reasons that dogs do this, including:

  • They want their owner to know the person has arrived.
  • They were surprised by the visitor's arrival.
  • They feel like they have to protect their territory.
  • They are afraid of the new person who has arrived.
  • They are excited that something new is about to happen.
  • They have figured out that a person approaching or ringing the doorbell means that the door will soon open.

Young woman hit by drunk driver, paralyzed from the neck down

A young woman in Florida always wanted to work as a cast member at Disney World. She finally got her dream when she landed an internship.

Just a month later, though, that dream ended when she was hit by a drunk driver. Reports claim that she was in a car with a friend, and they had completely stopped moving. Unfortunately, the drunk driver behind them did not stop in time and rear-ended their vehicle.

Where does Florida rank for drunk driving?

When you read drunk driving statistics, you often see national statistics and trends. While these can be very telling when you're just trying to get the big picture overall, they don't necessarily tell you what types of risks you face. Does the number of drunk drivers in California make a difference to you in Florida? What about the number in Montana or New York or Hawaii?

The answer is clear: You want to know where Florida ranks. That's what impacts your life the most. That's what changes your personal risk level every time you get on the road.

Can an epidural have a negative impact?

If you're in labor, an epidural may feel like a miracle. It can drastically reduce the pain of your contractions and may even allow you to get some sleep at a time when your body really needs it. Modern medicine has certainly come a long way over the years.

But are there any negative impacts you need to watch out for? There certainly can be.

The top reasons for car accidents

In theory, car accidents should never happen. It sounds unbelievable, considering the fact that tens of thousands of people die in accidents every year and many more get injured, but it's true. If everyone followed the rules of the road and everything else -- cars, road designs, etc -- worked perfectly, people would never crash. All of those deaths are preventable.

So, why do they keep happening in such high numbers? Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • Human error: People just make mistakes. In a car, that's deadly.
  • Drunk driving: Impaired drivers can't always control their vehicles.
  • Distracted drivers: A driver who is texting isn't looking at the road.
  • Getting lost: People make unexpected turns and drive erratically when they don't know where they are.
  • Weather conditions: Wind, rain, fog, snow and ice can all cause crashes.
  • Medical issues: A driver who has a heart attack behind the wheel may lose control of the car completely.
  • Mechanical issues: A defective car can make a safe driver crash.
  • Road design defects: For instance, a road with a missing stop sign or a broken stop light could cause accidents until it gets fixed.

Deadly crashes close I-75 in Florida every 9 days

Interstate 75 is one of the largest and most widely used roads in Florida. It's also one of the most dangerous, leading to a rash of deadly accidents.

Per recent reports, the interstate gets shut down because of devastating accidents every nine days. That makes these deadly wrecks, often attributed to semitrucks, far more common than a lot of people realize.

Adrenaline may hide your injuries

Adrenaline is supposed to save your life. It makes you perform better, physically speaking. It gives you energy and endurance. It's part of your fight or flight ability. If you are threatened, adrenaline helps you run from the threat or fight it off.

This can be helpful. If you're serving in the military or trying to survive in the wild, you need that. However, it can actually have a detrimental impact on modern humans who get injured in car accidents, workplace accidents and things of this nature because it helps to mask the pain.

3 steps to stop workplace falls

Few things are as dangerous as workplace falls. Whether you slip and fall on the same level or fall from one level to another, you can be seriously injured or even killed. Year after year, falls lead the fatal workplace accident reports.

What can be done to prevent these incidents? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a three-part plan that they think can make a drastic difference. The three steps are:

  1. Plan ahead. First and foremost, proper planning can help to identify risks for a specific job, and then the crew can plan around those risks to stay safe. Furthermore, planning in advance allows the company to include any safety costs in their quotes so that there is no financial pressure to do things in an unsafe manner.
  2. Provide safety equipment. All too often, falls happen because workers do not have safety equipment that they desperately need. OSHA notes that there are serious risks of significant and even fatal injuries for every worker at a height of six feet or more. They must have the proper equipment to work safely.
  3. Train workers properly. It's not enough to have safety equipment; workers need to know how to use it. A harness does no good if a worker doesn't know how to put it on or hook up the ropes. Workers need to practice and train in a controlled environment so that they are ready when they start the job.

Safety of Claire's cosmetics called into question again

Many people wouldn't expect to find asbestos in cosmetics. However, it has been found in makeup products sold by the retailer Claire's. The reports of asbestos were first made public in 2017. The retailer, which is a go-to destination for jewelry and cosmetics for teen girls, pulled the products found to contain the known carcinogen off the shelves. However, it didn't recall them.

Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a safety alert about certain Claire's cosmetics -- including powders and eye shadows. In the alert, which is based on the agency's test results, customers are urged not to use the products.

Which state has the worst drivers?

Drivers in New York have a reputation for being aggressive and liberally using their horns. Drivers in Michigan have a reputation for ignoring all of the speed limits. Drivers in California have a reputation for fighting their way through massive traffic congestion.

But which state has the worst drivers?

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