Why are motorcyclists at an increased risk of crashes?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Every year, countless motorists hit the open road, creating a dynamic interplay between vehicles. Among these, motorcycles stand out not just for their agility and speed but also for their vulnerability. Their small size, coupled with a lack of protective barriers, puts motorcyclists at a higher risk than motorists. Fellow road users must be extra cautious when driving near them as a result.

Motorcycles can easily get lost in a car’s blind spot or be overlooked in traffic. This results in an increased number of avoidable accidents. While many people often hear about the responsibilities of bikers, it’s equally crucial for car drivers to understand their role in maintaining road safety.

Why it’s vital to watch out for motorcycles

Motorcycles are way smaller than most vehicles. This means they can quickly disappear from view, especially if drivers aren’t actively looking for them. If they’re behind a larger vehicle, they might be hidden entirely.

Quick stops and swerves are common for bikers

Due to their lightweight nature, motorcyclists often stop or change directions faster than cars. If someone is following a motorcycle, they must give them plenty of space. Rear-ending a motorcyclist can have catastrophic or fatal results. Motorcycle signals are often less noticeable than those on more oversized vehicles. If a motorcyclist extends their arm, they’re likely indicating a turn. Drivers should be vigilant in watching for hand signals and lighted signals that indicate a motorcyclist’s intent.

Safety isn’t just the biker’s responsibility

It’s easy to think that because motorcycles are risky, it’s all on the biker to stay safe. But remember, driving is a shared task. Motorcyclists and their passengers can be seriously injured or killed when accidents happen.

Individuals who are injured in these crashes may incur considerable medical bills and other related expenses. Seeking compensation is possible, but there’s a limited time to get a claim filed. Seeking legal guidance is often critical because there are many nuances to consider when taking legal action against a negligent driver who has slammed into a motorcycle.


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