Must-have protective gear for motorcycle riders during summer

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

As the sun warms the roads and the days lengthen, motorcycle enthusiasts in the Sunshine State dust off their helmets and prepare to hit the open road. While summer offers the perfect conditions for scenic rides, it’s crucial to remember that hot weather presents unique challenges for motorcyclists.

One key to a safe and enjoyable summer ride lies in having the right protective gear that balances safety with breathability.

A DOT-approved helmet

No matter the season, a DOT-approved helmet should be a non-negotiable piece of motorcycle gear. During summer, however, motorcyclists should prioritize a helmet with a focus on ventilation. These helmets have multiple adjustable vents positioned strategically at the front, top and back. These vents allow for optimal airflow, keeping the head cool and comfortable without compromising safety. A breathable helmet with a removable liner can make sweat management easy.

Summer-specific jacket

The temptation to ditch the jacket in hot weather is understandable, but this can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, motorcyclists can opt for a summer-specific motorcycle jacket made from breathable materials like ventilated mesh or lightweight textiles. These jackets offer abrasion resistance while allowing for airflow to keep the upper body cool. These jackets should also have strategically placed armor at elbows, shoulders and spine for added protection.

Full coverage pants

Just like jackets, forego shorts and jeans in favor of motorcycle pants for summer riding. Textile pants with mesh panels offer great breathability while providing abrasion resistance in case of a fall. Leather pants are another option, but they tend to trap heat more. Motorcyclists can consider features like adjustable knee protection and a comfortable fit to allow for ease of movement.

Protective boots

Motorcycle boots are essential year-round. However, bikers are better off prioritizing breathability in summer. Boots constructed with perforated leather or mesh panels are excellent because they allow airflow. Features like ankle protection, a sturdy sole and a good grip are crucial for both safety and comfort. Bikers should avoid boots that are too loose or restrictive and aim for a snug fit that allows for the comfortable operation of the motorcycle’s controls.

By prioritizing the right protective gear and incorporating some thoughtful practices, bikers can help to ensure a safe and comfortable ride during summer. That said, bikers who get involved in road accidents shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to pursue compensation. An experienced legal group can assist in securing compensation whether the motorcyclists wore protective gear at the time of an accident or not.


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