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Helping People Injured By Defective And Dangerous Products

Every day we place our trust in designers and manufacturers and rightfully expect that the products we buy are dependable and safe. When companies sell defective products or neglect safety concerns to increase profits, serious injury or even death can occur. Those responsible should be held accountable.

Aggressively Protecting Your Rights To Compensation

At the Panama City and Pensacola law firm of Walborsky Bradley & Fleming, PLLC, our lawyers focus on handling personal injury claims in Florida. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families whose lives have been adversely impacted by defective products.

We will make a thorough evaluation of your claim to determine whether the design, manufacture or marketing of a product was responsible for your injury. Often we find that manufacturers knowingly put dangerous products on the market — such as improperly tested prescription drugs — and that injuries could have been prevented had additional steps been taken to ensure product safety.

Following a serious accident, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know where to turn or whom to trust. You do not have to face this difficult time on your own. The skilled legal team at Walborsky Bradley & Fleming, PLLC, is on your side. We are passionate about helping you with your complete recovery, and we will help you obtain compensation for such losses as:

  • Future earnings
  • Physical disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills and future treatment

Kryptonite: If you have had an orthopedic or sports medicine surgery in which Kryptonite was used, and you have been forced to have additional or revision surgery or have experienced other post-surgical complications, you may have a case.

We Are Here For You ~ Get Help Today

The legal team at Walborsky Bradley & Fleming, PLLC, understands the dynamics of products liability law, and we will aggressively pursue justice for you. Our firm has the experience and the resources you need to obtain what is best for your situation, to secure the compensation you need and to meet your current and future financial needs.

Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation by calling us locally at 850-250-4252 or toll free at 850-250-4252. You may also complete a brief online form.