Takata air bags are still making news after another woman dies

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Products Liability

The Takata air bag recall has been making the news for a while now. That doesn’t seem likely to change since new developments are still occurring in this horrible product liability issue. People who were injured years ago are still affected by the injuries they suffered. One Florida woman recently passed away from injuries caused by a Takata air bag during a 2014 crash.

The crash the woman was in was a low-speed crash with an SUV that left her a quadriplegic. The problem that caused her injuries was that the air bag deployed in a violent manner even though the accident was a minor accident. Prior to the crash, the woman was an active retiree, but that all changed because of the air bag deployment in her 2001 Honda Civic. Since the accident, the woman’s daughter became her mother’s primary caretaker by providing daily care to her mother. Now, the victim’s daughter is left without her mother in her life.

The accident occurred only four days prior to the initial Takata recall in California and Florida. Since she has passed away, her daughter will be able to pursue claims for her mother’s death. The victim’s legal representation notes that the trial slated for August will continue to move forward.

This shows that the effects of the Takata air bag recall aren’t anywhere close to being a thing of the past. For people who are still living through the nightmare that these air bags caused, seeking compensation is one option they have for trying to hold Takata responsible for the oversight with this situation.

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