Seek compensation if you are injured by a holiday gift

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Products Liability

The holiday season is a huge time for giving gifts. It is critical that anyone who is giving gifts this year, as well as those who are receiving those gifts, make sure that those gifts are safe. When gifts that are purchased aren’t safe, people can be injured or even killed. We know that the last thing you want to happen during the holiday season is for you or someone you love to be injured or killed by an item given as a gift.

One gift this year that has proven to be troubling is the hoverboard. Reports of hoverboards catching on fire have begun to surface. That is only one example of how a holiday gift can be unsafe or dangerous.

When products are placed on the market, it is assumed that if the products are used in the manner intended by the manufacturer they are safe. That isn’t always the case.

Defects in manufacturing and other issues can occur that make the products unsafe for use. Products that have defects can malfunction in a way that causes bodily harm to the person who is using the product at the time. In extreme cases, the product defect might lead to death.

There are several different kinds of losses that you might suffer if you were injured by a product. You might have medical expenses now and in the future. You might have lost wages and endured pain and suffering, loss of physical capacity or punitive damages. We can help you to explore your right to seek compensation for your losses.


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