Defective or dangerous products: Lessening the adverse impact

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2015 | Products Liability

When a Panama City resident is injured because of something unexpected happening with a product they are using — a food enjoyed for dinner or medicine that was supposed to help — he or she may have what’s known as a product liability claim. Personal injury victims are entitled to seek compensation from anyone proven to be responsible for the harm caused. This doesn’t necessarily have to be because of negligence, but the manufacturer, distributor or retailer can be held accountable nonetheless.

Discussing the matter with an personal injury advocate before committing to any insurance claims adjuster can be a wise choice. On our practice page, we explain many different reasons why you might seek help with a product liability claim.

Most people aren’t aware of the rights they possess as victims of a dangerous or defective product injury. They recognize medical expenses and lost pay for time off from work can be reimbursed. They may not realize, however, that additional money to cover projected future medical or rehabilitative needs should be included in any claim. Perhaps a father won’t be able to resume the job he had before the injury. Can accommodation for this lost physical capacity be factored into a settlement request? Care for emotional trauma should be considered, and punitive damages may be allowed by a court if the particulars of a defendant’s role warrants it. Punitive damages are a way to punish and deter future misdeeds through financial means.

Product recalls, including drugs, medical devices and automobiles, offer valuable protections for consumers. They don’t, however, negate a business’s liability for injury caused by whatever dangerous aspect existed in the first place.


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