Why snowbirds may need to worry about slip-and-fall injuries

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Now that you have scaled back your work to part-time remote employment or have completely left the workforce, you have more freedom to travel and pursue the finer things in life. You and your spouse may have agreed to start splitting your years between your home state during the summer months when your grandchildren are out of school and Florida in the winter.

Leaving behind the frigid New England winters or Midwestern snowstorms might make you think that you won’t have to worry about a slip-and-fall incident after moving to Florida for the colder seasons. However, snowbirds may actually have more reason to worry about slip-and-fall injuries than many others.

When older adults fall, the consequences can be severe

One of the reasons why snowbirds need to worry about slip-and-fall incidents is that their age puts them at risk of more severe medical consequences. Adults past retirement age are more likely to break bones or report other significant, possibly life-altering injuries after a same-level fall. Broken shoulder blades, clavicles and hips are among the fractures that could lead to months of hospitalization.

Especially if you still work part-time and have not transitioned to Medicare insurance, requiring extensive medical support while out of network could mean that you have to absorb a lot of those costs yourself. Medicare often won’t cover extended stays at rehabilitation facilities anyway, so you may need to apply for Medicaid or pay for your care yourself. Even worse will be that you are effectively alone, with the possible exception of your spouse.

There are plenty of slip-and-fall risks in Florida

Although you won’t have to cross an icy parking lot or worry about snowmelt from people’s boots on store floors, there are plenty of Florida risks for slip-and-fall injuries. The near-daily precipitation means that there could always be puddles near entranceways or soaked rugs that pose a tripping hazard.

People could also track in sand from outside in beach areas, which can lead to people losing traction and falling. Finally, sandals and other warm-weather footwear may not provide the same traction and protection that closed-toe shoes or boots would.

Older adults who slip and fall while visiting a business in Florida may have thousands of dollars in medical expenses to cover. Filing a premises liability claim can be a way to recoup some of those costs.


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