The continuing dangers caused by aggressive drivers

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Florida drivers have enough concerns whenever they get behind the wheel. Among the biggest is other drivers from inexperienced, poor and distracted to negligent and aggressive. You do not want to encounter any of these drivers, but you usually do every day.

That latter group – the aggressive drivers — is often the most concerning. But sadly, aggressive driving remains ubiquitous throughout the country. Aggressive driving behavior may include speeding, failing to yield, following too closely, frequently changing lanes, reckless driving, cutting off other drivers and failing to signal.

More fatalities and contagious behavior

You know aggressive drivers when you see them. Your best bet is to keep your distance and never engage with them lest you, too, become an aggressive driver. Aggressive driving – which can graduate to road rage incidents — also causes a significant number of road fatalities throughout the country.

Here are some findings on aggressive driving from the Arizona State University (ASU) Center for Problem-Oriented Policing:

  • Contributes to more traffic fatalities: Two-thirds of U.S. traffic fatalities have ties to aggressive driving. (According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is a factor in one-third of all road fatalities.)
  • Proves to be more dangerous than drunk driving: The ASU report noted that people who adhere to aggressive driving tactics contribute to two to four times more fatalities than someone who drives drunk.
  • Proves to be contagious in provoking other drivers: When confronted with aggressive driving, other drivers may follow such behavior. Studies indicate that 6% to 28% of drivers either tailgated or blocked other drivers’ vehicles, and 20% to 35% of drivers admit to yelling, obscenely gesturing, cursing and honking horns at other drivers. Any of these acts can trigger an unnecessary road duel.

Aggressive drivers are hostile, selfish and competitive. They will not go away as much as the public wishes they would. We know that they are dangerous, and other drivers must do their best to avoid and not become one themselves.

Keep your distance from these drivers

Every driver should subscribe to defensive driving. This philosophy is especially beneficial when confronted by an aggressive driver. Avoid these drivers the best that you can. That way, you will almost always assure a safe road experience for you and your passengers.


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