What is accident reconstruction and how can it help my case?

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Working with a well-established personal injury firm is important following a motor vehicle accident that results in serious injuries. The complexity of car accident litigation is often beyond the reach of victims and their families. Lawyers frequently have access to qualified experts that may provide analysis and evidence necessary to prove aspects of a personal injury case. Victims of a truck or car accident may need to use accident reconstruction to help build a case to hold the responsible party accountable for the expenses that result from the crash. This process involves using the scientific method to help determine the cause of an accident.

To begin, an expert in the field of accident reconstruction will generally review the documents related to the accident. This can include an accident report and any photographs of the scene, as well as witness statements and any depositions, if present. The expert then uses this information along with medical records of any injuries from the crash and damage to vehicles or property to help determine who was at fault for the crash.

Is accident reconstruction reliable?

This process is more than just guess work. Accident reconstruction uses the principals of physics to provide an analysis of the collision. There are multiple different calculations that an accident reconstruction specialist can apply to come up with their analysis, but they all include basics of length, time, force, and mass.

The specialist may use this information in a complex calculation to analyze the skids at the crash scene. The length of the skid or tire marks is relatively easy to measure. A legal team can use this data to solve other parts of the equation that may be in dispute, like the speed of the other vehicle at the time of the crash.

Accident reconstruction experts can also use a momentum analysis, damage energy approach or photogrammetry depending on available information from the collision. Ideally, the specialist would be able to use at least two different methods, as two methods that result in similar findings improve the confidence with which the specialist can present their findings.

How would this help me build a case against another driver?

The information could help during settlement negotiations or if the case goes to trial, the specialist could provide expert testimony. This type of data could help better ensure you get the funds you need to cover medical bills and rehabilitative expenses as well as lost wages that result from the car crash.


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