Teen pushes brother out of the way of car, gets hit himself

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Car Accidents

A teenager in Florida is in the hospital after getting hit by a car, but his mother is calling him a hero for the way that he acted quickly to save his 4-year-old brother’s life.

Reports claim that the two were simply doing some holiday baking together and needed some additional ingredients. They set out to walk to the store. They had to cross a road and did so legally, at an intersection, while using the crosswalk.

As they were doing so, a car attempted to turn left through the same intersection. The teenager spotted it first, realized they were about to get hit, and shoved his brother out of the way. That left him with no time to get out of the car’s path himself, and he got hit.

The teen wound up in the hospital with a broken leg. However, his mother said that, due to his size, the younger boy probably would have taken the impact to the head and could have died. She thinks that the teenager saved his life. The child did end up with minor injuries in the form of bruises and road rash, but nothing serious.

The driver of the car that hit the boy got a careless driving ticket.

This story shows how much risk pedestrians face, even when they follow all of the rules of the road perfectly. Drivers make careless mistakes all of the time, and it can put people in the hospital. This case could have turned out a lot worse if not for the quick actions of the older brother. All those who get injured need to know if they have a right to financial compensation.


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