Accident puts 2 in critical condition

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Car Accidents

You never really think about just how fast life can change until you see a car accident. Life-changing injuries can happen in mere seconds, and people may never be the same again.

A recent story out of North Port, Florida, illustrates just how fast this can happen. Two men were riding together in a 1999 Ford. They were heading south on I-75. The driver was 32 years old, while his passenger was 27 years old.

As they neared mile-market 172, right around 1:36 p.m., the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle. It veered over to the right side of the road and slammed into a guardrail.

At interstate speeds, the accident was far from over after the initial impact. The car spun around in a clockwise rotation and smashed the guardrail a second time, this time striking it with the rear of the vehicle.

Both of the men had to be removed from the damaged vehicle by emergency service providers, including North Port firefighters. They had each suffered critical injuries. The driver was rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) for treatment, while crews took the passenger over to Lee County Memorial.

One moment, it was a typical afternoon on the road with thousands of other cars. The next moment, two men were badly hurt and on their way to the hospital.

It’s jarring, to put it lightly. If you get involved in an accident and wind up facing serious medical bills, lost wages, significant pain and suffering, and life-threatening injuries, you have to know all of the legal options you have at your disposal.


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