Which state has the worst drivers?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Car Accidents

Drivers in New York have a reputation for being aggressive and liberally using their horns. Drivers in Michigan have a reputation for ignoring all of the speed limits. Drivers in California have a reputation for fighting their way through massive traffic congestion.

But which state has the worst drivers?

According to one study, that unfortunate award goes to Florida. To find out, they used a survey that included more than 2,000 people. That may not make it definitive, but it certainly is telling.

The problem is that you are only as safe as the drivers around you will allow you to be. There is a point at which it does not matter if you follow the traffic laws or not. You are putting your life in their hands by sharing the road with them. If they make mistakes, all of your caution and vigilance may not save you.

For instance, maybe you know that you need to stop at a light during a power outage and treat it as a four-way stop. Another driver has no idea what to do and just flies right through the light as if it isn’t there. You can follow the law and pull out during your turn, and that person can still hit you at full speed and put you in the hospital.

That’s just one example, but it shows why driving around the country’s worst drivers may not be good for you. If you get seriously injured, you need to know how to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and all of your other costs.


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