Questions to ask about intangible damages after an injury

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In most personal injury cases, victims will be able to pursue tangible damages and intangible damages. Tangible damages are easy to calculate with receipts and known or predictable costs. Intangible damages are a little bit different because they relate to things like pain and suffering or lost quality of life — which are harder to put an exact dollar amount on.

To establish a sense of a personal injury plaintiff’s intangible damages, here are a few questions that an attorney might ask his or her client:

Do you have any visible injuries?

Your attorney will want to gain a sense for the visibility of your injuries because you might be able to pursue claims related to scarring and/or disfigurement.

What was the physical pain like immediately after your injury and how long did that last?

Physical pain after a serious accident is often the most severe immediately after the accident. This question helps to gain a sense of the extent of that pain and the amount of time it endured.

What physical pain persisted after you recovered from the injury? Do you continue to suffer from pain?

Many victims of accidents suffer from lifetime pain after an injury. This question seeks to understand the extent of your long-lasting physical pain.

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