Not getting enough sleep really impacts your body

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Car Accidents

Drowsy driving is deadly, but don’t tell that to all the drivers out there trying to drink a cup of coffee on the way to work. With busy schedules and little sleep, we often think we just have to drive when we’re tired, and a lot of people do not think that it’s much of an issue.

It absolutely is. When you do not sleep enough, here are a few of the impacts it has on your body:

  • Cognition skills decline notably. This is especially true if you try to pull an “all-nighter.” When you can’t think clearly, your poor decisions make you a dangerous driver.
  • The odds of getting sick increase. Your body needs sleep to recharge and heal. Not sleeping enough can weaken you so that you get sick or stay sick for longer. Driving with a cold or the flu or a fever can all make you more prone to dangerous mistakes.
  • You get forgetful. This can lead to simple errors, like missing an exit. When you try to change lanes quickly or even pull an illegal u-turn to get back on track, though, you put others in danger.
  • Pure accident odds go up. Don’t worry about exactly how the crash happens. Just know that it’s more likely. Per the National Sleep Foundation, if you do not consistently get more than six hours of rest, your odds of a car accident triple.

Maybe you’re convinced, and you’ll never drive when you’re tired again. That’s only half the battle. Other drowsy drivers can still hit you, and then you need to know your rights to financial compensation for your injuries and lost wages.


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