How does social media play a role in a product-liability case?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Products Liability

When a product has a defect, it can lead to injuries or deaths. That defect could result in a toy cutting a child, a bed falling apart during use or other serious hazards.

One interesting thing about product-liability cases is that it’s usually more than one person who is involved. Since multiple consumers buy these products, the offending product could be found in homes across America.

For this reason, social media is becoming more important to victims of product-liability issues.

Why does social media help with product-liability cases?

For one thing, it helps victims get to know one another. It’s an easy place to see multiple complaints about a product as well as information from others who may have been hurt and not yet filed a case.

Getting information about the defendant is also essential during a product-liability case. For that, social media is a great place to look. If the defendant offered an apology, that will forever be saved to the internet, for example. If there was a recall, that might be on the manufacturer or distributor’s website or social media outlet as well.

Is there anything negative about social media during a product-liability case?

As always, there is the risk of sharing too much information. A prosecutor and victim need to do what they can to avoid saying too much about the case online. If information is leaked about the case, then the defense could use it to defuse an argument. Keep that in mind and do your best not to share too much information about your case online.


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