What do you do if a broken bone is obvious at a crash scene?

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In many accidents, the injuries that occur seem like things that people can heal from easily. For example, many people suffer from broken bones every year, and it’s seen as a common injury. That doesn’t mean that everyone can heal from it properly, though.

Additionally, some people end up having injury complications to deal with. On top of that, all broken bones are not equal. Different types of breaks require surgery, physical therapy and other treatments to help them heal correctly.

The fact is that broken bones can be life-threatening injuries and need to be taken seriously. If a person is involved in a crash and appears to have a broken bone, call 911. Don’t wait, because what might appear to be a minor injury could actually be extremely dangerous.

What makes broken bones dangerous?

Depending on the kind of break, a broken bone can become infected and has the potential to heal incorrectly. There is also a risk of the bone injuring muscles, tissues and arteries. In some severe cases, broken bones can lead to a person bleeding to death.

What should you do if you see someone with a broken bone at the scene of a crash?

Try to keep the person calm. Call 911, and make sure that the individual is stabilized. Do what you can to make them comfortable until help arrives. If they are bleeding, you should make a tourniquet above the point of injury and raise the injury above the level of the heart.

With the right support, people with broken bones generally recover well. Medical care is a key component to recovery and needs to be provided as soon as possible.


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