Hazardous children’s products could result in serious injury

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Products Liability

There are many products that can be dangerous to children, but product liability only really comes into play when parents aren’t warned adequately about a product’s potential risk to cause injury. In the majority of cases, for instance, a parent would know there was a potential for injury from a baseball. He or she would not know there was a potential for injury from the paint on the ball, though, if it was lead paint or other forms dangerous to the human body.

Every day, people face dangers in their own homes. For example, children’s jewelry can be extremely risky to have in the home and could lead to choking injuries. The manufacturer should be making sure that the jewelry does not contain lead or cadmium. If it does contain those chemicals, it should be recalled. If not, parents may have a case against the company for putting a child at risk or giving the child metal poisoning.

Another hazardous product is a drop-sided crib. In 2011, drop-side cribs were banned because of the hazard of children being pinched in the slats or falling out of bed. Some are still sold, but selling them is illegal. If you purchase a crib thinking it’s safe only to see harm come to your child, know your rights. You normally can file a claim, and even if it is involved in a recall, you may still have a case.

Our site has more about dangerous products that could put your child at risk. If your child is hurt, you may be able to seek compensation.


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