How can you prevent fires on the job?

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Fire prevention is an important safety step in every workplace. Fire safety helps protect employees from burns, smoke inhalation and other injuries that could impact them for a significant amount of time.

If a fire does start in the workplace, employers need to know what to do to prevent serious injuries. With some safety steps in place, it’s simple to do so.

How can workplaces stay safe and prevent serious fires from breaking out?

To start with, maintenance is vital. Keeping on top of repairs and checking that all machines work properly guarantees that they will not overheat or spark unless there is a true defect.

Another good idea is to maintain good housekeeping practices. Clutter makes an area ripe for fires to break out, and it gives fires something to spread to if they do occur. Keep the workplace clutter-free and focus on having easy access to emergency exists and fire extinguishers. Along with this, make sure you have a plan for proper waste disposal throughout your facility and get rid of waste regularly.

Finally, make sure that all your workers understand the importance of reporting potential electrical hazards. Whether it’s a cable that has exposed wires or papers too close to a heater, identifying and eliminating hazards helps prevent serious accidents from happening in a workplace. No one should try to repair electrical hazards unless they are qualified to do so. Trying to repair electrical equipment or outlets without an education in how to do so could set up your facility for a fire in the future.

If you do get hurt at work, remember that workers’ compensation is there for you. It’s designed to help you support yourself while you get the medical care you need and recover from your injuries.

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