Hip replacement recalls: What you should know

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The last thing any patient wants to hear is that his or her medical device has been recalled. What’s worse is when that device is implanted. If that’s the case, you may have to go through another surgery for a replacement, which takes time and causes you pain.

In the case that you get hurt because of a defect or have to have a replacement of a part implanted inside you, it’s important that the manufacturer’s held liable. You trust the manufacturer to put out a good product, which didn’t happen.

One major recall took place several years ago including metal hip replacements. These implants are usually metal-on-metal implants, relying on a design that uses a ball and cup that work like a joint. Unfortunately, these metal designs can be dangerous to patients’ health.

According to a 2010 recall involving ASR hip replacements, the metal components could result in metallic debris moving throughout the body. Unfortunately, metal is not safe in the body and can lead to metallosis, blood poisoning and swelling.

Product liability laws require manufacturers to compensate patients for injuries they suffer as a result of defective hip implants. To win a case, you’ll need to show that your implant had a defect that resulted in your injuries. You’ll also have to show that you weren’t warned about the potential for these injuries before choosing the implant you received.

Metal hip replacement injuries could mean you can no longer walk or need a painful new surgery. It’s okay to want the manufacturer pay; their mistake shouldn’t come at a cost to you.

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