41-year-old man arrested after hitting church with vehicle

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If you drive when you’re intoxicated, you put other people’s lives at risk. Sometimes, people who drive drunk don’t even remember what they’ve done. That’s a shocking realization, as these individuals may have caused massive harm to those around them.

That seems to be what happened in this case involving a man who caused at least one accident. A man from Panama City has been charged for a crash that resulted in damage to a local church. According to the news report, the 41-year-old man did not stop for a stop sign and stuck a vehicle. After hitting the vehicle, he continued on until he crashed into the North Bay Community Church.

He fled the scene but called police shortly thereafter. He was arrested for a DUI. He willingly spoke to an investigator, who stated that the man admitted to being involved in the traffic crash when a car struck him. He claims he did not hit a building. He claimed the other vehicle hit the building and left the debris on his vehicle.

The man is now charged for leaving the scene of the accident, which did involve an injury, as well as for giving false information. He faces charges for a DUI with damage to property and personal injury as well as for leaving the scene when there was more than $50 of damage.

If a driver leaves the scene after hitting you, your home or a property, he or she is seen as a hit-and-run driver. When caught, he or she will face penalties above and beyond what would have been likely if he or she had stayed at the scene. Not all drivers are so dangerous, but if one hurts you, it’s important to hold him or her accountable.

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