Can you get hurt when you drink something at a bar?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Personal Injury

Injuries can happen almost anywhere, even when you’re out drinking. No, it’s not getting drunk that you necessarily have to worry about, it’s the possibility that you could be hurt when eating out at a bar or restaurant.

In the case of a bar, there are dozens of ways to get hurt, but most people don’t think about drinking a single drink as one of them. Unfortunately, even a single drink can lead to injuries in some cases. For instance, if you drink out of a cup that has lead in it, you could suffer from lead poisoning. Likewise, if a specialty drink with dry ice is served and someone swallows it, there is a major risk of serious injuries.

Normally, correctly-made beverages don’t pose a risk to patrons, but if a bar or bartender is negligent in any way, it’s possible that they could be. Even adding more alcohol than expected to a traditional beverage could end up hurting someone, and the bartender and bar should be held liable for that mistake in judgment.

Remember, if someone gets too drunk at a bar and hurts someone, the bartender and bar could be liable for that. Most states ask that establishments stop serving customers who are obviously intoxicated. If they don’t do so and the individual causes injuries to someone else, the bar could be held liable for the intoxicated party’s actions.

If you’re hurt while drinking because of poison, drugs, damaged glasses or other issues, it’s important to reach out to someone who can help. Bartenders and bars have a responsibility to prevent their drinks from injuring people.

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