Man wins lawsuit over botched eye surgery in Florida

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A jury has ordered Leon Medical Centers to pay $13 million to a man who has been left blind following a cataract surgery. The 80-year-old man had surgery to correct cataracts in 2013; he chose to go to Leon Medical Centers because of its reputation as a popular Medicare clinic.

The company has several clinics, and most provide multiple services in each. The man was able to schedule a visit with the ophthalmologist, scheduled surgery and set up his post-operative care all in one place. That’s why it was a shock when the medical center didn’t want to face the blame when the man was blinded following the botched surgery.

Leon Medical Centers claimed the doctor was an independent contractor, which would mean the hospital wasn’t liable for his actions. The jury in Miami didn’t agree. Jurors found that the doctor was on contract, but the company had presented him as if he was an employee. As a result, it would be liable for a $13 million payout to the elderly man. Thirteen other people have chosen to sue over botched eye surgeries under the same surgeon’s care, according to the news.

The 80-year-old, who was supposed to be able to see the day following surgery, cannot drive, walk without losing his balance and has a significantly changed life. It’s been alleged that the surgeon injected a topical antibiotic, which may have led to the blinding of several patients in his care.

If you’re hurt by a doctor who is negligent, it’s within your rights to seek compensation. Your claim could be against the medical provider, hospital or others.

Source: Miami Herald, “Jury orders Leon Medical Centers pay $13 million to man blinded after cataract surgery,” Daniel Chang, Sep. 21, 2017


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