Know what to consider when offered a car crash injury settlement

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When you are involved in a car accident that isn’t your fault, you might start to think about why you should be responsible to pay the costs associated with the crash. Sure, your insurance might pick up some of the expenses but that is likely the only insurance that will come into the picture since Florida is a no-fault state. But your expenses might be greater than what your insurance will pay.

You have the option to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered and the damages you are dealing with because of the accident. If the driver who hit you was drunk, consider these points if you are working toward resolving your case.

Don’t jump on the first settlement offer

The first settlement offer that you get might be a low-ball offer that is meant to protect the defendant’s interests. You shouldn’t be quick to jump on the first offer that you get to settle the case. Instead, you need to think carefully about the offer so that you don’t accept something that will leave you hanging.

Make sure you understand the terms

The terms of the settlement are important. Most importantly, you need to see if there are terms that place limits on you. If you are seeking compensation from the drunk driver in an effort to raise awareness of drunk driving and the damages it causes, you might not want a settlement that doesn’t allow you to speak about the crash.

Think about the future

Almost all settlements include a clause that releases the defendant from liability for future claims. This means that what you settle for is all you are going to get from the defendant. Even if your medical expenses are 10 times the settlement amount, you can’t file a new lawsuit to try to get more money. Make sure you think about the future expenses related to the accident.

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