Bumbo seats have been recalled twice, still on the market

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When you have a baby in the house, you will probably end up with a lot of gear. One of the items that you might end up with is a Bumbo seat. A few years ago, these seats were all the rage. They are still pretty popular, but they were the subject of a recall in October of 2007. Understanding this recall might help parents today to use the seats in a safe manner that will help to keep their children safe.

Bumbo seats help a child who isn’t quite strong enough to sit unassisted to sit up and enjoy the sights of the room. Some parents would put the baby in the seat and use it as a babysitter. Babies would wiggle out of the seat and some would fall. This showed that there were cases in which the seats weren’t safe.

The recall of the Bumbo seats was done so that the company could issue warnings about how to use the seats safely. The main concern was adding a warning that the seats shouldn’t be used on a raised surface.

Another recall was issued in August of 2014, but this one was a bit more serious. This one was done to add a safety strap to the seat to help reduce the likelihood that the infants in the seat will be able to wiggle out.

Even though these are still on the market, it is crucial that parents remain vigilant when they place an infant in the seat. If the parents are using the seat in a safe manner and the child is harmed, the parents might choose to seek compensation for the injuries.

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