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On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Car Accidents

Staying safe on the roads is something that is very important. In our previous blog post, we discussed the safety of specific types of vehicles. While those are important concerns, they aren’t the only thing that matters when you are on the road.

We know that you didn’t leave home with the expectation of being harmed in an accident. You might not have seen the car barreling toward you. The accident probably came as a shock. Now, you have to deal with the injuries you suffered. This can mean lengthy medical care and other concessions in life. It can also mean considerable expenses at a time when your income might be limited if you aren’t able to work as usual.

If you were struck by another vehicle, the driver’s actions can have an impact on any claim for compensation. A drunk driver, for example, shouldn’t have been driving and could likely be held liable for the accident. A driver who is on the phone or putting on makeup could also be held liable. Those who aren’t following established traffic laws, including obeying speed limits and using a turn signal, could also be held accountable for those actions.

A personal injury lawsuit isn’t something that is quick or easy. In many cases, we can speed up the process by considering settlement agreements. If this is something that you are willing to consider, we will attempt it. If you are entertaining accepting any settlement, be sure you understand how accepting it can affect you in every aspect of your life. Knowing how the terms will impact you can help you make a decision.


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