Surgical errors can devastate, explore your compensation options

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Anyone who has ever gone in for a surgery knows that there are some risks associated with even the simplest of procedures. In most cases, the surgeon and other people who are in the operating room and recovery room do their best to ensure that the patient is kept safe. That doesn’t mean that errors don’t occur.

We know that the thought of being injured during or after a surgery is a scary thought. For some people, a surgical error is a very real horror story that is affecting every aspect of their life. In fact, a recent study that was done by Harvard notes that medication errors occurred in around half of all surgeries that were part of the study. That is a very disturbing trend.

Patients who have been the victim of a surgery error, including medication errors, might have a longer and harder road to recovery than they were expecting. In some cases, this means having to miss more work and having to deal with more medical care. That means less money coming in and more money going out. Financial devastation and other effects of this situation can invade your life and make things difficult.

If you were the victim of a surgical error, including medication errors, you might opt to seek compensation for your injuries. We can help you to explore your options for seeking compensation so that you are prepared for what might happen. We stand by your side to help keep your interests protected throughout the process, which allows you to focus on healing after the error.


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