Prescription drug litigation: holding drug companies accountable

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Personal Injury

There are endless types of personal injury claims adjudicated by Florida courts and settled without trial with insurance companies. Every day, negotiations are taking place somewhere between recalcitrant agents and strong advocates representing individuals who have suffered harm through another’s negligence, wrongdoing, accidental action or carelessness. Folks seeking compensation for an injury can become overwhelmed, even when evidence is clearly on their side.

One of the more complicated situations, and yet a common one, involves prescription drug litigation. There is a process the Federal Drug Administration implemented 20 years ago whereby paying a fee allows pharmaceutical companies to fast-track new drugs to approval, and subsequently, to market. It has been consistently renewed over the years. Designed to help consumers and manufacturers, it also created the potential for unintended consequences.

Time and again we learn that a drug that had been approved by the FDA is linked to personal injury or side effects that are detrimental to consumers. Often those authorities either pull the product through recall or require additional warnings be issued to users. But what if it’s too late for some people?

There are legal options that can be considered. Our prescription drug litigation page explains the types of compensation that can be covered in a claim against a manufacturer. In situations like this, an individual may not be successful if he or she approaches a company or its insurer alone. It takes in-depth review of facts, other reports of harm, recall information that may strengthen one’s position and a personal perspective to effectively hold a drug company accountable.

Expediting the drug approval process may be a double-edged sword. For illness that desperately needs treatment by a newly developed medicine, it can be live-saving. But when paying for approval allows faster profits at the expense of consumers’ health, perhaps the process merits another look. In the meantime, fair compensation for personal injury related to prescription or over the counter drugs can help with recovery and peace of mind. Legal options are available for consideration.


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