Product liability class action against Marie Callender

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Across Florida and other states, natural and organic foods are becoming a bigger trend. Many businesses are creating product lines in the niche to appeal to a growing number of discerning shoppers, but a recent class action suit against Marie Callender claims that the company’s all-natural advertising is false in some cases.

The products liability case claims that the company advertised baking mixes as all natural. In reality, says the suit, the mixes contained synthetic ingredients. Conagra Foods RDM Inc, Marie Callender’s Gourmet Products Division ICC and Marie Callender Pie Shops Inc are all named in the suit.

The complaint, which was filed on May 1, claims that the ingredients include a white powder known as sodium acid pyrophosphate, which is a synthetic ingredient. The substance is used in a number of nonfood processes, including treating leather, stabilizing hydrogen peroxide and removing hair or feathers during hog or poultry slaughter.

According to the lawsuit, sodium acid pyrophosphate is an ingredient in all Marie Callender foods that are labeled all-natural. The lawsuit claims excessive use of the substance can lead to an imbalance of minerals in the body and bones.

The person filing the initial suit claims that he would not have purchased the foods had he known they were not all natural. He claims the company engaged in false advertising to capture part of the expanding natural foods market.

The suit claims that customers received a product that didn’t meet their expectations, were misled in the purchase by false advertising claims and paid a sum of money for a product that was not as represented. The plaintiff is seeking damages from the defendant. Any person who purchases goods that are falsely advertised or suffers injuries because of defective products has a right to seek such compensation.

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