Florida woman dies in pedestrian accident

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Motor vehicle accidents range from minor fender benders where no real damage occurs to severe accidents that leave cars totaled and people critically injured. Pedestrian accidents – accidents that occur when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian – run the same gamut. It is more likely for a pedestrian to be seriously injured during a run-in with a car or truck, though.

The Saturday before Christmas, a Florida woman was rushed to the hospital following an accident. According to police, the woman was hit by a car. She died at the hospital shortly after the accident, said police.

The accident occurred about just after 6:00 p.m. A westbound car struck the woman when she stepped into the road. According to police, at this time investigators do not believe the driver was doing anything wrong. The driver did stop at the scene and waited for police.

The police chief for the town where the accident occurred said an investigation was ongoing. He didn’t expect charges to be filed against the driver, however.

When police don’t fault a driver for an accident or pursue criminal charges in a death related to an accident, negligence may still exist. The lack of criminal charges does not preclude a civil lawsuit, and in cases where another person suffered injury or death, family members may need to file a suit to seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses or pain and suffering or other damages.

In such cases, the plaintiff will likely shoulder a heavier-than normal burden of proof. Finding out about legal rights and options as soon as possible allows family members or victims to act while information and evidence is still available.

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