Panama City motorcyclists seriously injured in 3-vehicle crash

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Here in Panama City we have great weather much of the year. For some people, there is no better way to enjoy it than by heading out for a motorcycle ride. While getting on a motorcycle can be freeing and exhilarating, motorcyclists are unfortunately the most susceptible to injury should an accident occur. Sadly, two motorcyclists experienced this yesterday when they were involved in a serious accident.

According to Panama City Beach police, three vehicles — the motorcycle, an SUV and a car — were all involved in the Sunday afternoon crash. While it’s not entirely clear why the crash occurred, police suspect one of the drivers may have tried to change lanes while trying to make it through a traffic light before it turned red.

While the occupants of the SUV and the car survived the crash with no injuries, the two people on the motorcycle suffered critical injuries. Police are continuing to investigate the incident and have not made any comment about which driver may have been negligent.

When a motorcycle accident like this one occurs, bikers are often thrown from their vehicles. It’s not hard to imagine the kinds of serious injuries a person could incur in that situation. Police said clothing, pieces of the motorcycle and blood were scattered across the scene of this accident.

As we wait for police to determine a cause of this crash, hopefully other drivers in Panama City take note. When motorcycles are around, it is extremely important to drive safely and cautiously. Looking both ways, checking your mirrors and signaling properly can do a lot to keep everyone on our roads safe.

Source: The News Herald, “2 critically injured in crash,” Andrew P. Johnson, Sept. 15, 2013


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