2 cruise ship workers injured by falling baggage

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Florida workers deserve to feel safe at their place of employment. While some jobs are more inherently dangerous than others — like construction work — employers are still responsible for taking all possible safety precautions to minimize the risk to workers. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen on the job. 

Earlier this week, two employees of Carnival cruise lines were injured while readying a ship for departure. According to a report of the incident, luggage was being lifted onto the cruise ship by a forklift when a few heavy pieces toppled off. The two workers were standing close enough to get hit, and both suffered minor injuries.  

Both workers were transported to a hospital by ambulance for treatment. Apparently, workers were trying to load the luggage quickly because the ship was late for departure.

No one ever hopes or expects to be injured at work. Being injured at work can lead to expensive medical bills or required time off of work. For those who are injured on the job it is important to know that workers’ compensation is often an option.

If an accident happened at work and was caused by an employers negligence, such as failing to properly train employees or violating a safety code, an injured worker may be entitled to compensation from his or her employer that can cover medical bills and time off of work. Not all employers, however, are willing to help employees without a fight. If your employer tries to challenge your claim, it may be helpful to work with an attorney.

Source: AL.com, “Carnival Conquest departs Mobile two hours late, workers hurt in forklift accident,” Sally Pearsall, July 9, 2013


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