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Your Advocate In Complex Florida Personal Watercraft Cases

An accident on personal watercraft can have devastating consequences. Whether you are a Florida resident, snowbird or tourist, you need experienced, skillful legal representation to recover compensation that covers all of your losses from the accident.

At Walborsky Bradley & Fleming, PLLC, in Panama City and Pensacola, our personal injury attorneys are committed to providing clients with caring, knowledgeable service as we work to build your case. We have experience with cases involving Jet Skis, Sea-Doos and WaveRunners as well as other personal watercraft, including boats. Count on our lawyers to thoroughly investigate the accident, determine who is liable and aggressively pursue damages for you and your family. These can be complex cases, but we have the experience, resources and reputation to protect your right to compensation. Please speak with us in a free consultation to learn more.

Why You Need An Attorney To Protect Your Rights

Just like vehicle accidents on land, accidents on the water require that we uncover who was at fault. In personal watercraft cases, that is most often people driving boats, other people on personal watercraft, and the renter or manufacturer of the watercraft. In addition, passengers who are injured may bring a suit against the operator of the personal watercraft if they were negligent or reckless.

Some of the most common reasons that accidents occur include:

  • Operating the personal watercraft while intoxicated
  • Letting children drive
  • Going too fast
  • A boat or another personal watercraft fails to see you
  • Equipment malfunction or faulty maintenance

These types of accidents can cause injuries to the brain, spinal cord, arms, legs and face. They can also lead to fatal injuries and drowning. If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one, you will need considerable compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and when necessary, funeral and burial expenses.

We Know How To Help You Take The Next Steps

You are probably feeling overwhelmed by the legal process, but we are here to guide you through it. With our extensive personal injury experience, we will strive to make this go as smoothly as possible for you. For a free consultation, please call 850-250-4252, or 850-250-4252, or complete our online form.