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Skilled Legal Assistance For Boating Accident Victims In Florida

A day of leisure and relaxation on Florida lakes or the Atlantic Ocean can quickly turn tragic. Negligent operation of a boat can have catastrophic consequences. A collision can result in not only serious bodily injuries, but also drownings. Cases are complex and require representation from an attorney experienced in this area of personal injury law and aggressive in securing justice for victims.

If you have been injured or a family member was killed in a boating accident, take immediate action. Lawyers at the Panama City law firm of Walborsky Bradley & Fleming, PLLC, are dedicated to maximizing your compensation in settlement or at trial.

At Your Side Following A Tragic Boating Accident

Boating accidents are often caused by reckless operation of the boat. Operators who are speeding or failing to maintain safe distances from other boaters put people at risk. Alcohol impairment can only make a bad situation worse. In a split second, a collision occurs, leaving you with serious, life-threatening injuries or a loved one dead.

Defective designs and manufacturing can also lead to a boat colliding with another watercraft, fires due to faulty wiring and stalls that trap a boat’s occupants.

The attorneys at Walborsky Bradley & Fleming, PLLC, attend to every detail of your Jet Ski, personal watercraft or boating accident claim while you focus on recovering from your injuries or the loss of a family member. Combining our experience and knowledge with the insight of experts allows us to get to the facts. With that information, we pursue compensation for:

  • Property damage involving the boat
  • Medical expenses, both now and in the future
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses and lost income (in wrongful death claims)

Before you speak to an insurance company, protect your rights with the help of an experienced attorney.

Contact Our Boating Accident Lawyers in Panama City And Pensacola

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