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Sovereign immunity shows promise in reducing patient injury

As a patient who has suffered from the results of medical malpractice, the last thing you'd want to find out is that states were considering providing immunity to doctors and medical providers. Immunity could mean more mistakes with fewer repercussions.

Florida may not penalize doctors who commit errors

If a doctor causes a mistake that leads to your injury, you want that person to be reprimanded and to face penalties. If not, then your injury may happen again to another patient. A report out of Florida is concerning, because it claims many doctors who are sued for malpractice aren't punished.

Man wins lawsuit over botched eye surgery in Florida

A jury has ordered Leon Medical Centers to pay $13 million to a man who has been left blind following a cataract surgery. The 80-year-old man had surgery to correct cataracts in 2013; he chose to go to Leon Medical Centers because of its reputation as a popular Medicare clinic.

Florida Supreme Court lifts cap on noneconomic awards

Imagine being unable to collect the full amount of compensation a jury decides you deserve for a medical mistake. You suffered, and with your testimony, you won your case. Now, the court says that you've been awarded millions, but you'll be capped at $500,000 regardless of your needs. It doesn't seem fair, and the Florida Supreme Court has determined that it isn't.

Are medical malpractice claims limited in Florida?

In Florida, there were caps on the awards that could be given for medical malpractice claims. As of a report from June 28, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled these caps as unconstitutional. The court ruled them as unconstitutional because they limit the rights of patients to recover compensation for medical negligence.

Failure to diagnose is a huge problem for patients

When you go to the doctor because you have something wrong with you health wise, you expect the doctor to listen to what's ailing you and take appropriate steps from there. You certainly don't expect that you will be rushed and that nothing is going to be done. Unfortunately, patients are often rushed just because of the need that doctors have to see multiple patients per hour.

Medical malpractice incidents require investigation

In our previous blog post, we discussed how the defendants in a medical malpractice lawsuit can vary based on the circumstances of the case. This is one reason why it is important to investigate what happened at the time of the malpractice. For example, if your injury occurred in a surgical procedure, we have to determine if the surgeon made an error or if a piece of equipment was defective. Once we determine that information, we can determine who to hold accountable.

Defendants can vary in medical malpractices cases

When something goes wrong during a medical procedure, you might decide to seek compensation. You first have to decide who, or what, is going to be held responsible for the injuries you suffered. The answer to this question isn't always easy to determine as there could be multiple entities or people who may bear a percentage of liability.

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