Some back injuries in construction can be prevented

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Construction workers do physically demanding jobs that can put them at risk of serious injuries. Among these are back injuries, which account for approximately 25% of all injuries in this industry. Unfortunately, these are very serious injuries that can require considerable medical care and time off work. There’s a chance that a catastrophic spinal cord injury could mean that someone will never return to work.

Why are back injuries so prevalent in construction?

Construction workers have to bend and twist a lot while they’re on the job. This puts pressure on the lower back. Some injuries are the result of cumulative trauma. Workers who have this type of injury might not realize they are hurt, so they won’t seek medical care. By the time the know something is wrong, the damage might be so bad that surgery might be necessary.

Employers can take steps to prevent these injuries. Providing workers with the tools they need to do their job duties is one way. Providing training on back injury prevention is another. Ultimately, the onus is on the construction company to keep workers safe from injuries while they do their jobs.

What to do if you’re injured

Any construction worker who’s suffered a back injury should ensure they get medical care. The workers’ compensation program should pick up the cost of those medical bills. It also has other components, such as partial wage replacement, that apply in some cases.

If you need to file a workers’ compensation claim, you must ensure that you’re getting the benefits you need. Some workers have to appeal. Your attorney can help you get the compensation to which you’re entitled.


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