19-year-old allegedly drunk drives into City Hall

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When you’re sitting at a red light or stop sign, you may check your rear-view mirror often to make sure no one is approaching your vehicle too quickly. If they are, you may have planned a short escape route or left yourself room to get out of the way.

Failing to stop at intersections is extremely dangerous and does result in many people losing their lives each year. Take for example this case involving a driver who failed to stop. No one was killed, but it’s a perfect example of how a crash can change lives instantly.

A car recently struck the Lynn Haven City Hall following an alleged drunk-driving incident. According to police, the crash happened when a 19-year-old man from Panama City rear-ended a vehicle at the intersection of Ninth Street and State Route 77. The vehicles struck hard enough that the stopped car was shoved into the intersection. The driver had to be taken to the hospital due to injuries to her eye.

After the crash took place, the 19-year-old man’s vehicle continued on and struck City Hall. Upon arriving at the scene, the police claim they saw that the tail lights on the vehicle were activated and that it appeared that the man was trying to reverse.

The teen refused medical treatment but was barely able to stand when he was helped out of the vehicle. After a test was given, his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was reported at .212 and .194, which is over two times the legal limit.

If you’re hit by a driver who is intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, know that you have a right to pursue a claim. Negligence led to your injuries, and you deserve to see justice delivered.

Source: Panama City News Herald, “Car hits Lynn Haven City Hall in drunken driving accident,” Nov. 30, 2017


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