Failure to diagnose is a huge problem for patients

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

When you go to the doctor because you have something wrong with you health wise, you expect the doctor to listen to what’s ailing you and take appropriate steps from there. You certainly don’t expect that you will be rushed and that nothing is going to be done. Unfortunately, patients are often rushed just because of the need that doctors have to see multiple patients per hour.

Some medical conditions can be fatal if they aren’t diagnosed right away. Think about the consequences if a doctor misdiagnoses a patient who is having a heart attack. One of the symptoms of a heart attack is heartburn, or burning in the chest. If a doctor doesn’t take the time to really listen to a patient and put in the effort to make a diagnosis, the patient is the person who could suffer.

We know that you trust your doctors. You might even trust the local hospital. Still, you mustn’t let those feelings cloud your judgment when it comes to your health. If you think that you weren’t properly diagnosed, take the stops necessary to check up on your health. Get a second opinion if necessary.

If you were the victim of a failure to diagnose, you can take action. In these cases, the compensation you seek might be to help you get the medical care you need for the condition and the worsened effects you are dealing with because of the missed diagnosis. You might need to get money to make up for the wages you couldn’t earn when you were unable to work. All of these are components of a claim for compensation that can help to show the doctor who made the error that his or her actions weren’t acceptable.


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