Several factors are considered in dog bite cases

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Personal Injury

In our previous post, we discussed several considerations for a person who is bitten by a dog. The fact of the matter is that many dog bites, especially when the dog mauls the person, can lead to very serious injuries. In some cases, the person will suffer from permanent disfigurement as a result of the dog bite. We know that you never thought that you were going to be attacked by a dog. We can help you to learn about your options to seek compensation for the dog bite injuries.

When you are bitten by a dog, the damages that you suffer can go far beyond only the costs of medical care. You might suffer from missed wages or an inability to return to work because of the injuries that you suffered. In that case, you could possibly seek compensation for the medical bills, as well as the wages you weren’t able to earn because of the accident.

It is important for you to realize that Florida law doesn’t require that the owner of the dog knew about the dog’s vicious streak in order to be held liable for the dog bite. One factor that is considered in dog bite cases is whether your negligence contributed to the accident. If it is determined that you were negligent and your negligence contributed to the attack, any compensation might be reduced by the percentage of your negligence.

As you can see, there is a variety of factors that can go into determining compensation after a dog bite. We can help you to learn how the legal concepts and laws in Florida might affect your case.


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