Recovery ‘a miracle’ for teens injured in parasailing accident

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On July 1, two teenagers found themselves in a life-or-death situation in Panama City Beach. Earlier that day, they had gone to the beach to go parasailing. What was meant to be a carefree and fun activity, however, quickly turned into a horrifying experience.

While up in the air, the rope that was tethering the girls to the boat snapped. They were whipped into a nearby building, hit a power line then fell to the ground, striking a parked car.

The two girls were severely injured in the traumatic accident. As of yesterday, both were released from the hospital. At least one of them, however, will need to continue therapy as an outpatient.

The most tragic thing about accidents like this is that they are avoidable. The Coast Guard noted that there was severe weather the day of the accident, and the boat the girls were parasailing from may have been too close to the shore.

Parasailing companies should know when it is safe to take riders out and when it is not. Additionally, their equipment should constantly be checked for any malfunction or wear and tear that could harm a passenger.

As one of the girls’ family members said, it is a miracle that they have recovered, but that does not mean life won’t be much harder because of this accident. The families of both victims are likely facing expensive medical bills that will not let up soon. On top of that, any permanent injuries can leave the girls with much different lives than they otherwise would have enjoyed.

In situations like this, some victims and their families choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party. A successful lawsuit can lead to compensation for medical bills and other damages related to the accident. Some find that financial relief allows them to focus on the healing process.

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