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Tips for taking prescription medication safely in Florida

Patients should know how to take prescription medication the right way to better avoid accidents and legal troubles.

You trust your Florida doctor to prescribe a medication that will make you feel better. That being said, you should still do your part to make sure you take your prescription safely and correctly to better reduce the chances of running afoul of prescription drug litigation.

Do your research on the side effects

While you can always ask your healthcare provider about the side effects of the medication, it is a good idea to do a bit of research yourself so you have a more in-depth idea of just what you can expect while on your medication. If there are any side effects that cause you concern, be sure to discuss them with your doctor and see if there is anything you can do to mitigate or avoid the effects altogether.

Ask questions

Before leaving your doctor, ask how soon you can expect the medication to start working as well as how long you can expect to take the prescription. You should also ask if there are any dietary restrictions that come with the medication or if there are certain activities you should avoid while on the medication.

Make a list

If you are already on other prescription medications when your doctor prescribes you a new one, be sure you inform her or him of the medications you are already taking. Even if you are not currently on prescribed medication, you should still let your doctor know if you are taking herbal supplements, over-the-counter medication, medical foods and even home remedies. You never know how your body will react to the introduction of a new medication.

Ask if you will become physically dependant on the medication

With some medications, you may grow dependant on them to feel fully functional. While you certainly want to feel functional, you may not want to feel as if you cannot live your life without taking the medication. There is also the fact that you might not have the finances necessary to continue taking the medication for an extended period of time. To avoid developing a habit in the future, ask your doctor about dependency before you start taking the medication.

Talk with your pharmacist

Your pharmacist might have information your doctor does not, so be sure to ask about side effects and any dangers you should be aware of when you pick up your prescription. Know that pharmacists sometimes have information doctors do not, information that can help avoid a medical malpractice case.

These tips can better ensure your total health when taking medication in Florida, but they are certainly no guarantee against mishaps. If you feel you were harmed by a prescription medication, be sure you consult a legal professional to explore your options.