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Products Liability Archives

First safety-defect trial set for 2016; GM will try to settle

There are many reasons for car accidents in Florida. Drunk drivers, distracted drivers and sleepy drivers all create dangers on the road. But when it is a defect in the car itself, and it appears that it could have been corrected, losses of life in vehicle collisions are even more tragic.

Over $1 billion to be paid in product liability settlement

Sometimes medical procedures don't go as planned in Florida. Mistakes happen. Worst case scenarios may include negligence rather than error. But what does one do when a medical plan goes well, and much later there's a problem? Hip replacement recipients across the country found themselves facing this dilemma when they were advised in 2012 that the company that had manufactured the device implanted in their bodies issued a product recall. Yes, it was a recall of hips already implanted in thousands of people, many of whom are elderly.

Brand-name drug makers to be liable for generic dangerous product

Residents of Florida likely use, or know someone who uses, prescription drugs. Head to any Panama City drug store and you'll find brand-name medications and many corresponding generic versions. An interesting ruling by a federal appeals court this week may change how victims of a dangerous or defective drug can file a products liability action to seek compensation for a loss.

Product liability class action against Marie Callender

Across Florida and other states, natural and organic foods are becoming a bigger trend. Many businesses are creating product lines in the niche to appeal to a growing number of discerning shoppers, but a recent class action suit against Marie Callender claims that the company's all-natural advertising is false in some cases.

Product liability an uphill battle with big corporations involved

Natural or safe foods are a growing concern for individuals across the nation, including residents in Panama City, Florida. As news reports of genetically modified crops and increasingly dangerous chemical treatments come to light, individuals may wonder what foods are safe to eat. Though food concerns have recently gained grassroots popularity, especially on the Internet, recent reports of ongoing struggles with large corporations indicate that the issue of dangerous products is not something that's new.

Products liability law suit stymied by jurisdiction issues

Legal matters of any type can be complex, and when you involve the various court systems in the country, it can be a veritable maze to get your claims before the correct court. A large products liability case that involves 261 women, including 21 from Florida, is facing obstacles due to questions about proper jurisdiction.

Defective products and a pattern of consumer abuse, Part Two

In Part One of this series, we looked at how consumers who buy electronic products as soon as they launch often serve as guinea pigs in terms of product testing. Some companies will ship or retail products that have been inadequately tested for durability and functionality. It's possible that many of these companies, in their haste to beat competitors and increase profits, may be unaware of the problems. But if we look at the pattern, it seems that the companies may know exactly what is happening.

Part 1: Defective products and a pattern of consumer abuse

The holiday shopping season is here, which means many people will buying the latest electronic games, along with cameras, cellphones and other gadgets. Many consumers, wanting to be the first among their friends to acquire the latest electronic device, will go to extraordinary lengths to buy a cellphone or computer on the day it launches. Even if the product later goes down in price later or has a few bugs, they say it's worth it.

After reports of fires, millions of surge protectors recalled

Product recalls seem to be a common occurrence. Often, product recalls are the result of a company being extra cautious to avoid any negative repercussions in the unlikely event that someone becomes injured or ill. Other times, however, product recalls are the result of malfunctions that put consumers in serious danger. An example of this situation recently came to light when several people were seriously injured by a malfunctioning product.

After reports of bruises, skull fractures, Baby Einstein recalled

When parents in Panama City buy products for their children to use, they expect that the manufacturer has done its homework in testing the product. By the time product makes it to the shelves of a store, it should be proven safe for children to use. Unfortunately, some parents find out the hard way that a product is not as safe as is should be. 

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