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Legality of worker's compensation limited called into question

Workers in Florida who are injured while they are at work rely on the worker's compensation system to get the compensation they need to survive. The legality of the whole worker's compensation is being called into question by an appeal filed with the United States Supreme Court.

I've hurt my back at work. Now what?

Because back injuries often involve the spine, they can impact you in a variety of different ways, from limiting mobility to causing chronic pain. To address these issues, you may need to be hospitalized, undergo surgery and go through months of physical therapy and rehabilitation afterward — all of which are very expensive. However, depending on your situation, you may be able to seek compensation from the at-fault part through the Florida courts.

Workers' compensation at heart of Florida Supreme Court case

A case is before the Florida Supreme Court that alleges that workers who file for workers' compensation are having their rights violated since they receive inadequate benefits at the expense of losing their right to seek compensation through a lawsuit. This case was filed on behalf of a nurse. Her attorney noted in the lawsuit that the overhaul of the system in 2003 left workers with stripped benefits.

What are the elements necessary for workers' compensation?

Being injured at work usually means that you will need to file for workers' compensation if the injury is severe enough that you require medical care and might need to miss work as you heal. Interestingly, not all claims for workers' compensation benefits stem from an accident that led to an injury. Some of the claims made are based on an illness that is caused by conditions that occur while you are at work. Understanding what types of injuries and illnesses might be covered under workers' compensation is crucial if you are planning on filing a claim.

Take action if you are injured at work

Workplace injuries can be devastating. You were only doing your job and all of a sudden you are facing an injury that is going to lead to medical bills and time off of work. When you are injured on the job, your mind might automatically turn to how you are going to make it. One of the ways you can make it after an injury at work is by filing for workers' compensation.

Important points about workers' compensation

Workers' compensation is a lifeline for some people who have been injured at work. The benefits that they receive can help injured workers to continue to afford the basic necessities of life until they are once again able to go back to work. There are several points about workers' compensation that all workers should understand in case they get injured.

Suing an employer for an on-the-job injury isn't usually possible

When you are hurt at work, whether the injury is from an accident or a long-term effect of the job, you might become unable to work. On top of the possible loss of your income, you might have medical bills to consider. For most workers, Florida's workers' compensation program provides a way to be compensated for medical bills and some missed wages.

Workers' compensation might cover more than medical costs

When you are injured on the job in Florida, you might be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. It is vital that you apply for these benefits as soon as you know that you will need medical care or that you will have to miss work because of your injury. There are several points that you should be aware of in case you are ever injured on the job.

Workers' compensation question brought to state Supreme Court

A question regarding Florida workers' compensation is being put before the state Supreme Court after an appeals court declined to rule on the matter. The answer to the question, if the state court will provide one, could mean a large shift in the way employee injury cases are handled in the state.

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