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What should I know if I want to file a product liability claim?

If you are injured by a product in Florida, you may be able to seek compensation from the party responsible for creating, designing or manufacturing the product. Remember that if you wish to file a lawsuit against someone for a dangerous product, you need to do so within the state's statute of limitations. In Florida, the statute of limitation is four years for an injury and two years for a wrongful death.

Bumbo seats have been recalled twice, still on the market

When you have a baby in the house, you will probably end up with a lot of gear. One of the items that you might end up with is a Bumbo seat. A few years ago, these seats were all the rage. They are still pretty popular, but they were the subject of a recall in October of 2007. Understanding this recall might help parents today to use the seats in a safe manner that will help to keep their children safe.

Children, toys, recalls and actions if the child is injured

The Christmas toy-giving extravaganza that occurs in many homes has recently ended. Now parents have the duty to make sure that their children are using toys in a safe manner. While they are still on the market, there are some toys that are largely unsafe for children. One of these is the wildly popular toy magnetic building block.

Product liability claims must be based in fact

We recently discussed how second-hand smoke is damaging to your health. If you recall, we noted that people who were exposed to second-hand smoke at work might have claims for worker's compensation if they suffered from an illness or injury because of that smoke. While the illnesses that are caused by cigarette smoke are horrible, there are other substances and products that can also lead to harm.

Second-hand smoke is dangerous to health and finances

Most people know that smoking cigarettes is very harmful to your health. If you watch television, you probably see the public service announcements all the time. What you might not realize is that smoking cigarettes isn't harmful only to the smoker, but it is also harmful to those who are exposed to the second-hand smoke.

When is a car manufacturer responsible for accidents?

By now most people in this country have heard about the vehicle recalls that included air bags and ignition switches. With more and more vehicles being added into these recalls frequently and other recalls coming to light, some people might wonder when car manufacturers are responsible for injuries after accidents.

Takata air bags are still making news after another woman dies

The Takata air bag recall has been making the news for a while now. That doesn't seem likely to change since new developments are still occurring in this horrible product liability issue. People who were injured years ago are still affected by the injuries they suffered. One Florida woman recently passed away from injuries caused by a Takata air bag during a 2014 crash.

How can I protect myself from recalled products?

Unsafe products sometimes make their way to the shelves for consumers to purchase. In some cases, the manufacturers might be aware of the issue before the items are sold; however, the defects are sometimes missed during testing and found out later. In either case, it is crucial for you to know how to protect yourself from recalled products.

Are all car accidents caused by negligent drivers?

When people think of car accidents, they usually think of accidents that are caused by drivers who don't drive properly. That, however, isn't always the case. There are some instances in which the car accident can be caused by a defect in one of the automobiles. In that case, the personal injury claim might turn into a product liability claim because of the defect with the car.

Seek compensation if you are injured by a holiday gift

The holiday season is a huge time for giving gifts. It is critical that anyone who is giving gifts this year, as well as those who are receiving those gifts, make sure that those gifts are safe. When gifts that are purchased aren't safe, people can be injured or even killed. We know that the last thing you want to happen during the holiday season is for you or someone you love to be injured or killed by an item given as a gift.

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