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Case Highlight

Case Highlight

John Doe entered a Northwest Florida hospital with a simple case of pneumonia. At the time, his wife was battling terminal cancer and he was primarily caring for their 14 year old son. While he was at the hospital, the doctors made the decision to intubate him. Tragically, the hospital, doctors and staff failed to properly intubate him and failed to recognize the failure. As a result of the negligence, John Doe suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The tragedy was multiplied when John's wife passed away days after John's injury, leaving their 14 year old son without his mother and a father with severe brain damage. The family turned to Walborsky & Bradley and partner Brent Bradley for help.

Brent first had to guide the family through the process of opening guardianships for John and his son. Then experts were obtained to prove the negligence of the medical team and to determine John's healthcare needs and his loss of income for the rest of his life. Due to the hard work and advanced preparation of the case, the hospital agreed to pay John $4,600,000 only seven months following the injury. The family was able to avoid years of litigation and will be able to provide for John's and his son's needs thanks to the prompt resolution of the case. Walborsky & Bradley was honored to represent this exceptional family and was proud to be able to help this family quickly recover significant compensation.

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These tips can keep you and your kids safe by the pool

Tips to keep you and your kids safe by the pool

Pool-related injuries are common during the summer in Florida. With the high temperatures and easy access to pools -- at home, at the neighbors, at the park, etc -- it seems like many people spend most of the summer months searching for a way to cool off.

This lifestyle can be fun for both adults and children. However, it also comes with risks. This type of exposure to an activity that can be fatal increases the odds that someone will at least end up in the hospital. To prevent that, use these pool safety tips:

Where does Florida rank for drunk driving?

Where does Florida rank for drunk driving

When you read drunk driving statistics, you often see national statistics and trends. While these can be very telling when you're just trying to get the big picture overall, they don't necessarily tell you what types of risks you face. Does the number of drunk drivers in California make a difference to you in Florida? What about the number in Montana or New York or Hawaii?

The answer is clear: You want to know where Florida ranks. That's what impacts your life the most. That's what changes your personal risk level every time you get on the road.

Proud Sponsor of Veterans Flight 2019: Forever Remembered

Since 2010, Founder Roy Kinsey and volunteers serve to pay tribute to U.S. World War II veterans from across the country as a prelude to the annual Pensacola Beach Air Show. Veterans are given the chance to return to the skies in the cockpits of the Stearman biplanes in which many of them flew.

We are honored to have sponsored Veterans Flight since its formation, and Brent enjoyed joining Roy in the air this year! See more below.

Proud Sponsor of Veterans Flight 2019 Proud Sponsor of Veterans Flight 2019

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