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What should you do to prepare your vehicle for a hurricane?

Hurricane season is here, and it's important to understand how to keep your car ready-to-go at all times. When heavy waters flood the area and you're trying to evacuate to somewhere safer, your car may be the difference between sitting out the storm at home or getting away to a safer place.

There are a few things you should do before the storm hits to make sure you prepare your vehicle and are ready to evacuate if you need to. Start by taking photos of your vehicle, so you know what it looked like before the storm hit. That way, if it is damaged, you have something to show the insurance company.

Workers' compensation premiums to potentially decrease

In 2018, the cost of workers' compensation could decrease, which is good news for employers and employees alike. With lower workers' compensation costs, more employers are likely to have the insurance coverage. Even though it is required by law, costs can be prohibitive and lead to employers not taking the steps they need to protect their employees.

An Aug. 29 report states that premiums for workers' compensation in Florida will likely decrease in 2018 after 2017 was a year of unexpected double-digit increases. The National Council on Compensation Insurance has suggested a decrease in premiums of 9.6 percent, which would be effective on Jan. 1. The proposal has not yet been approved, but the state Office of Insurance Regulation has the authority to do so.

Florida Supreme Court lifts cap on noneconomic awards

Imagine being unable to collect the full amount of compensation a jury decides you deserve for a medical mistake. You suffered, and with your testimony, you won your case. Now, the court says that you've been awarded millions, but you'll be capped at $500,000 regardless of your needs. It doesn't seem fair, and the Florida Supreme Court has determined that it isn't.

If you've been hurt as a result of medical malpractice, then this news is good for you. On June 8, the Florida Supreme Court determined that the caps on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases are violating the constitutional rights of patients. This is great news for patients who previously may have been limited in how much money they could collect after a serious injury.

Can you refuse to work in a dangerous situation?

Imagine going to work and being told you need to do something that you know is extremely dangerous. You don't have the right equipment or training, but your employer believes you can still get the job done.

You need to know your rights in this kind of situation. There is no reason that any employer should put his or her employees in harm's way purposefully.

Adrenaline Mob bassist killed in 3-vehicle crash in Florida

If you're a fan of rock, then you may have followed the band Adrenaline Mob. If so, there is some bad news. The bassist for the metal band has passed away in Florida following a serious car crash.

A July 17 news report indicated that the accident involved three vehicles. The band had pulled over to the side of the road to repair a flat tire alongside the highway when a tractor-trailer drove off the highway and into the parked RV.

Are medical malpractice claims limited in Florida?

In Florida, there were caps on the awards that could be given for medical malpractice claims. As of a report from June 28, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled these caps as unconstitutional. The court ruled them as unconstitutional because they limit the rights of patients to recover compensation for medical negligence.

As a patient who may need to recover damages, this is good news for you. Here are a few things you need to know about the ruling.

Man sentenced to 20 years for DUI crash that killed 1

When a person drives after drinking, he or she can cause serious accidents. The driver doesn't have full control of his or her faculties, which means that he or she may be unable to stop quickly or make split-second decisions like he or she may have when sober.

Unfortunately, driving while intoxicated caused a serious crash in this case, and the driver now has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. According to the June 15 news report, the man was traveling at over 100 mph when he hit a delivery truck as it attempted to turn a corner.

What should I know if I want to file a product liability claim?

If you are injured by a product in Florida, you may be able to seek compensation from the party responsible for creating, designing or manufacturing the product. Remember that if you wish to file a lawsuit against someone for a dangerous product, you need to do so within the state's statute of limitations. In Florida, the statute of limitation is four years for an injury and two years for a wrongful death.

Since there is a statute of limitations, it's a good idea to start your claim as soon as possible. For example, if your child suffers burns from a toy oven that catches on fire, you may think it's fine to wait to file the claim until your child has grown older and been through all the necessary surgeries or medical treatments.

Driver seeks out $15,000 in damages after rear-end crash

After being involved in an accident, you likely want to make sure you get compensated. You know you'll have many medical bills and expenses related to your vehicle, and there's also the issue of lost wages and other financial losses.

After a personal injury, it's a good idea to start a claim right away. Then, you can provide your attorney with information about your injuries and financial losses as they become available. Your attorney can negotiate with the other party's insurance carrier or help you sue the individual who caused the accident.

How can you stay safe on Florida's roads when you're a cyclist?

As a bicyclist, you're sure to be happy about rising temperatures and better weather conditions. Those changes mean you can be on the roads and enjoying your daily rides again. Of course, with daily riding comes the danger of being hit by a driver.

Summer is a time where tourists make their way to Florida, so you're in particular danger then. People who are unfamiliar with the roads could strike you, causing you serious injuries. What can you do to stay safe? Here are a few tips.

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